I'm a huge Marshall T Savage enthusiast and what I see here is people warping his ideas out of usefulness. Then again, I may have it wrong.

What are we trying to do here? Are we just communicatiing, or is there actual fund-raising, engineering and design going on? When Savage wrote TMP, much of what he proposed was possible (at least in the Aquarius stage) using 1990s technology. We are now 20 years later and nearing the time when Savage proposed this be put into action (2015). If we installed an OTEC in the spot he suggested off the coast of Africa today - it would be completed by 2016. That's pretty fabulous, and it means that in less than a decade, with an initial investment of a little over $3 billion, we could be turning a profit of $4-8 billion a year. This is not some etherial pie-in-the-sky scheme, this is real engineering and design work with real world potential. All that needs to be done is the creation of a comprehensive step by step engineering proposal outlining and analysing every process, the costs and feasability of each, and the final bottom line which is: One fully functioning Aquarius colony could return an initial investment of less than $5 billion in a little under a decade. This is simple economics, folks! Somewhere out there there is an individual or company that has a couple of billion dollars laying around. Somewhere there is a capitalist that would be very happy to make a few billion in return for their intitial investment. And somewhere there is a person or company that understands what we are trying to do.

Therefore, I propose that the focus of this wiki should not be simple information. We should be much more agressive with our information. If Savage's dream is to be seen through, the Aquarius colonies are the lynchpin. Nothing can be accomplished without them, and we are very swiftly nearing the time when we either build them or die as a species. So let us concetrate our obviously diverse and talented minds on making this happen. Let's compile a presentation of the entire Aquarius project so comprehensive and full of detail that even the stingiest billionaire will be willing to throw a few million our way, knowing that at the completion of the project, his money will be returned with interest.

I even have some names of billionaires likely to contribute to the project if the presentation is favorable: Richard Branson of Virgin International, Steve Jobs of Macintosh Computers, Bill Gates formerly of Microsoft, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - King of the United Arab Emirates, Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico (current richest man on Earth), and there are many, many more.

Let's not just talk about this, let's make it happen before it's too late.

Greentiger 18:38, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

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