If one of the biggest limitations of settling Mars is the lack of magnetic sphere, what are the possible ways that we could create a virtual magnetosphere using technology and sufficient energy sources? Could we generate a magnetic field large enough to regenerate the atmosphere? Chadlupkes 04:30, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

Probably not by any known technology given the extreme scale. It might perhaps be possible to re-activate the planet's vulcanism by seeding its core with radioactive materials gathered from the its mantel and crust (assuming there's enough) and thereby re-liquifying it by their radioactive decay, thus re-activating its natural tectonic dynamo. But given the nature of past volcanic activity we see evidence of, would the trade off be a surface too volatile to inhabit? Another possibility might be an artificial magnetic field created by employing the abilities of a planet-covering RhiZome complex of nanomachine systems to build-in-place vast superconducting field coil networks in the planet's crust. But the amount of power needed to run this would likely be astronomical. There may be no planetary sources of energy sufficient to power this indefinitely. But we really don't know enough about this yet to more than wildly speculate and it's quite possible that the scale and comfort of the BioZome settlers ultimate create by much more modest means will make these very colossal geoengineering solutions moot. --Eric Hunting 14:11, April 29, 2011 (UTC)